Catching Up on Old Current Events

The time spent while building this new version of my website has been split among many items on a long list. My second kiddo was born last August, I moved, I worked, and worked, and worked. So, in an effort to be more active and productive on my site I am going to catch up a little. Report all the news that I didn't report when it was happening in order to move on to the new news.

To begin, here are some pictures from one of my shows in 2012, entitled I'm Only Bleeding. It was held at the Xnihilo Gallery on Taft Street in Houston. I thought it would be appropriate to start here since that building is now being sold. Hopefully it will go on to become something new and wonderful. It will have big shoes to fill. 

This show was interesting to hang because the day before a huge storm rolled into town and flooded the Heights. Apparently the gallery's storage room was flooded or had a leak or something. They had to move all the items in storage into the center of the gallery. All of my decision making was made standing on a 10 foot ladder trying to see over a mountain of stuff to the wall I was working on.  

It turned out to be a great show and a lot of fun.